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Janitorial Excellence 

A Testament to the Power of a Family's Vision and Dedication 


From government offices to medical facilities, Janitorial Excellence has proudly served the Northern Nevada area for over 15 years since its founding. Mara and Rudy have built their reputation on a foundation of excellence, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to delivering top-tier cleaning services.

Founded in 2008 by Rudy and Mara Garcia, Janitorial Excellence's company roots extend deep into the world of professional cleaning.


Rudy and Mara's journey into the cleaning industry began while working for well-known commercial cleaning companies in Reno, Nevada in the late 90's. 

Their experience was invaluable, providing them with insights, knowledge, and firsthand understanding of the industry's demands.


Inspired by their clients' encouragement and their own vision of an ideal cleaning company, they embarked on a journey to establish Janitorial Excellence.

A Family Company

At Janitorial Excellence, we take immense pride in our heritage as a family-owned company, rooted in enduring values of hard work, honesty, and trust. These principles apply not only to Rudy and Mara, but also to their children, who have contributed significantly to the family business.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence is a testament to the Garcia family's commitment to delivering top-tier cleaning solutions to our clients.

At Janitorial Excellence, we're not just about clean spaces; we're about hard work, forward-thinking, and bolstering local businesses.


Welcome to the Janitorial Excellence family.

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